About Us

Colored Cosplay was formed in 2011 as a resource for ethnic Anime, Video Game and Comic characters. It is now 2012 and we are keeping the public informed on anime, game and comic characters of color. I know the majority of the characters in the industry are of another racial background. Cosplayers of a certain ethnicity may feel like they want to dress up as someone who resembles them a little more than other characters.

While Cosplayers are comfortable dressing up as a character of their choice, no matter what skin color or racial background. Colored Cosplayers may feel the need to represent their culture within Cosplaying as long as they are properly informed that such characters exist. ColoredCosplay.com was brought about to house the wonderful ethnic Anime, Game and Comic characters in one place.

Many secular people have a formidable time anticipating secular characters to cosplay as. You no longer have to poke tall as well as low for an impression which shares your identical attributes. Here we will be means to find a list of Ethnic (Black/African American, Latino, Asian, Puerto Rican, Indian, Ect.) Anime, Cartoon, Comic as well as Video Game characters.

It doesn’t make a difference if you’re Black, White, Red, Blue or Yellow, we can cosplay as any character. As we’ve seen during so most conventions, there have been no secular barriers.

Happy Cosplaying!